Ferrari Restaurant by Marco Visconti

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Jul 2013 3:59 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Ferrari Restaurant is a building which through its clear cut features stands out when compared to the surrounding industrial structures as a structure conceived with good taste and with the purpose of relaxation.

The architect Marco Visconti used two juxtaposed volumes and his knowledge of aerodynamics to create a hanging pavilion with the shape of a wing supported by another vertical wing placed on the ground.

The core of the building is the dining hall in the upper wing which is the main hanging volume and it is connected to the places for the employees and the training center. The accessory volumes, namely the kitchens, storage and technical spaces, are the main elements of the complex since its function wouldn’t be possible without them and they are located in the vertical wing.

There are three levels in the interior; the ground one has a covered piazza, the entrance hall and a coffee shop with a stair that takes the visitors into the restaurant. This level also has an infirmary, a wellness center, sports center and the kitchens with an independent link with the exterior. The first level has the training center and the second floor has the completely glazed restaurant dining hall.



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