Ferrari Factory Store in Alessandria, Italy

By : Mark V | 15 Jun 2015 3:34 am | Interiors, Stores / Showrooms

The store can be found in Serravalle Scrivia, near McArthur Glen Outlet. The architects from Iosa Ghini Associates designed the place in Alessandria, Italy. This store in particular is a trendsetter when it comes to the history of the Ferrari Stores since it is the first structure to be designed in conformity with the brand.

The location of the store is favourable, since this store is the first thing you notice when you come from the access roads or the main parking zone. The designers have done a marvelous job ,capturing the essence of the brand into this store. You seem to identify the Formula One box but at a closer look the box is actually a huge glass gallery that invites you to join the Ferrari experience.

The store has around 370 sqm and the façade of the gallery is curved creating the idea of transparency,thus the store seems spacious and filled with light. The sustainable design can be observed when it comes to the climate control of the gallery. The building is receiving natural ventilation helping with the cooling and heating of the gallery.

The air system is activated each time the season changes. The glass structure has special UV protection films and screen prints, all the design being environment friendly and energy sufficient. After you finish admiring the glass gallery the commercial space awaits to welcome you. The division is the same in every Ferrari Store.

The products are exhibited as follows: the area designed for the Ferrari lovers has aluminum slats that are very flexible, the luxury zone has display windows that have soft materials, polished lacquer and not to mention brushed leather. The children zone combines the two styles that we previously mentioned: the slats and the display windows are used for this area and they are all finished in yellow lacquer.

The false ceiling that fits the design can be found in every Ferrari Store and this space in particular was the creation of Iosa Ghini Associates-the three spaces that create the store managing to capture the Ferrari essence.


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