Farmers Fishers Bakers by GrizForm

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Jul 2013 6:25 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Farmers Fishers Bakers is a restaurant in Washington DC that was designed by the GrizForm architectural practice with a look that combines the rustic and playful design elements into a farm-like interior that offers an inventive dining experience.

The restaurant tries to pay homage to the agricultural side of America and each side of the interior was redesigned with the farmhouse kitsch as the predominant theme. The main dining area offers dioramas with a farm theme like the Sweet and Hoe to push the idea to the degree of obvious even for the ones who aren’t inclined to give the space too much attention.

Decorative elements with the same theme abound most of them from local or regional artists that adorned the place with porcelain chicken feet, rusty shovels, rolling pins and even a wooden goat painted tangerine stands to welcome you from a suspended cage on the ceiling.

The project is definitely joyous and the materials and colors were chosen quite carefully for their aesthetic as well as for their sustainability so that the project was designed to meet the LEED Silver certification.



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