The Family Playground by House Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Oct 2014 7:57 pm | Apartments

The Family Playground is the name given to this residential project by its creators from the House Design studio and it is located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, with the kitchen acting as the central core of the home since the owners enjoy cooking so much.

The open layout integrates the kitchen, living area and dining room into a single space that permits the inhabitants to interact better with one another and to move more efficiently through the space. The pipes act as dividers and the ambiance was designed to create a balanced environment according to the principles of Feng-shui so as to adapt in accordance with the persons living in it.

The hallway has a glass cabinet acting as a storage and display area with illumination that transforms it into a home gallery, maintaining visual contact with the kitchen area. The bedroom has wood as the predominant material for a warm and textured look to ensure a comfortable and modern sleeping area.

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