Family Home Captured In Black And White by OOOX

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Aug 2014 9:11 pm | Apartments

This cozy apartment was designed by the OOOX architectural practice and it is located in the Czech Republic where it was transformed from an empty space into a beautiful contemporary family home.

The interior doesn’t feature a lot of colors but instead opts for plenty of textures to enrich the ambiance and the two floors are connected via an industrial staircase in the middle of the ground level. The layout of the home was reconfigured to host the living area on the ground floor while placing the private areas upstairs.

The light fixtures are spread through the space to set the mood and there are touches of warmer color from pieces such as the dining table which is made of a light wood to bring some diversity to the minimalist aesthetic while still remaining cohesive.

The staircase was installed when the designers began, so they only added the net wall and dark tone. The entrance is encased in glass to preserve a visual connection with the rest of the environment and cubbies on the wall provide sufficient storage space.


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