Fairytale-Inspired Trailer Interiors at the Grand Daddy Hotel

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Nov 2013 7:47 pm | Other


Although we don’t usually cover trailers in our articles, these ones are quite different since their location is on the rooftop of a hotel, the Grand Daddy Hotel in South Africa, and they were decorated by various artists to create unique and tastefully designed interiors.

Each of the trailers follows a certain theme and they were inspired by fairy tales such as Goldilocks and the three bears or Dorothy. The interiors are very colorful and have unique details specific to the theme so that the Dorothy Airsteam has a blue interior with polka dots and there are also various items exhibited inside.

Another trailer is the Love of Lace one which has a pink tone or the Pleasantville trailer that is inspired by the retro 1950s design and has a mint green tone and red touches. For an African themed trailer you can try the Afro Funk one and there are several others to choose from as well.



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