Fairbairn Road by Inglis Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Aug 2014 7:01 pm | Homes

The Fairbairn Road residential project was designed by the practice of Inglis Architects in 2013 on a narrow site that faces parks in its front and in the rear while also being located in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

The predominant materials are timber, stone and masonry, which have been combined with brick screens, steel cantilevers and custom made timber claddings to create a pleasant and comfortable environment. The front façade acts as a screen between the buildings nearby and the front elevation was layered to create a feeling of depth.

The screen in front has a steel canopy entrance which leads to the interior as well as creating a threshold between the public and private spaces. The exterior geometry was created to interact with the surroundings so the cantilevered steel beams frame the views of the landscape, while the timber cladding offers a fluent passage from the interior to the greenery nearby.


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