Exquisute 80sqm Apartment in Israel by Ron Benshoshan

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Oct 2013 5:57 pm | Apartments

The designer Ron Benshoshan created this interesting apartment which is located in Tel Aviv, Israel and hosts himself and his girlfriend.

The living room has white walls and the one with TV is left exposed with two spots above it to put emphasis on the bricks. The unit below the TV was also built by the designer and on the right is an interesting clock on the wall which is made out of 12 smaller alarm clocks painted candy apple green.

The illumination in the living room is provided by several light bulbs tied together with several red cords and during the day the large windows usually offer enough natural light. The area extends into the kitchen and a small dining area with two refurbished old chairs and a round table that extends only when it is needed.

The bathroom was split into two smaller rooms so that one acts as only the toilet while the other one contains the bath. Above the bath there was a storage area and it now became a faucet and towel holder.



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