Exbury Egg by PAD Studio, the SPUD Group and Stephen Turner

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Jul 2015 9:48 am | Other

This self-sustaining work space is called the Exbury Egg and it was designed through the collaboration of PAD Studio, the SPUD Group and Stephen Turner.

The “egg” is located in the estuary of the Beaulieu River in UK and its purpose is to serve as a laboratory for the study of the life of a tidal creed, having a collecting and collating center with integrated storage areas.

The project uses a building technique similar to the one used when building boats and it contains a bed, a desk, a stove and a wet room. The whole structure rises and falls with the tide, offering a different way of living, one that is focused more on the environment surrounding us and on the sustainability issues, becoming better attuned to the needs of the nature around us.

The designers adopted two premises in their project, “lean, green and clean” and “reduce, reuse and recycle” to provide a fully functional and flexible structure. The energy requirements were calculated according to the season and daily routine of the inhabitant and will be provided with the aid of solar panels.



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