Everyman Theatre by Haworth Tompkins

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Apr 2014 6:23 pm | Landmarks, Other

The Everyman Theatre in Liverpool, England was rebuilt and redesigned by the Haworth Tompkins architectural practice to evoke the identity of the city and its inhabitants through the use of advanced technology and a flexible scheme.

The new design offers an auditorium with 400 seats, public foyers, a space for rehearsal and development and dining outlets. The exterior façade is created out of metal sunshades and the structure incorporates a natural ventilation system as well as a low energy infrastructure that allowed the project to receive a BREEAM excellent environmental rating for its efficiency.

The walls were built from local red brick to make the theatre stand out and the primary elevation is actually an enormous artwork comprised of 105 moveable metal sunshades that feature live-size portraits of contemporary residents in the city.

The interior has foyers and catering spaces across three floors and they lead to an elongated volume giving glimpses of the surroundings.



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