Evernote by Studio O+A

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Aug 2013 7:01 pm | Offices

Evernote is a company which specializes in online data storage to permit the users to save notes, photos or other documents in the Cloud. Their new office space in Redwood City, California was designed by Studio O+A since their development required a larger building than the former one.

The design style they implemented is modern and clean with Douglas fir plywood used as cladding in the coffee bar and break areas to create a specific texture and add warmth to the spaces making them cozier.

The company also commissioned the chalk artist Dana Tanamachi to create a representation of the company’s identity on a wall and this also includes the elephant logo and their tagline “remember everything”.

The floors are connected by a white ash staircase and it also provides step seating so that it is an informal gathering place among the many others spread through the building such as the ping-pong table, fitness center or snack and coffee counters.



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