Everett Street Residence by Dawson & Clinton

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Dec 2014 2:12 pm | Homes

The Everett Street Residence located in Palo Alto, California was designed by the Dawson & Clinton architectural practice for a single family to create a communion between the interior and the beautiful landscaped surroundings.

The extensive glazing ensures a view of the outdoor swimming pool in the central courtyard and there is a large skylight in the living area to bring sufficient natural light inside. The amount of light coming through can be adjusted through the self tinting glass so that it is never too bright or too dark for a perfectly soothing ambiance.

As you may see in the pictures the ceilings are quite tall and this permits each room to feel spacious with a lot of artworks on the walls to give each area a special charm.

The large garage has a living wall to be better integrated into the environment and a gabion wall ensures all the privacy needed for the inhabitants while at the same time transforming the home into a comfortable and peaceful retreat.


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