Eskada Club Porto by AAMD

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Jul 2015 1:16 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The architectural practice of AAMD designed the Eskada Club Porto in Portugal taking inspiration from the newest trends in night club design from places like LIV in Miami, the Allure in Abu Dhabi, the Mokai in Sao Paulo or the VIP Room in Saint-Tropez.

The project has each room designed with its specific features to provide a unique blend which hints toward the vintage, the present or the future. A lot of materials and textures were used in the design such as white painted branches, acrylic mirrors, and Renaissance portraits to provide a sophisticated and eclectic interior.

The Store is an area where national artists exhibit their works and can sell them, The Room offers a view toward the nearby lake and leads to a balcony and The Beat is the space where the dance floor is the main attraction. There is also a patio lounge outside wits water points and different decorative elements as well.



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