Epic Society by Alexandra Avram

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Nov 2014 5:38 pm | Restaurants & Bars

Epic Society is a night club located in Timisoara, Romania and it features a design created by Alexandra Avram with an eclectic atmosphere combining oak, birch and various fabrics along with custom made sofas, plexiglass and fiberglass details.

The project brings contemporary design into the mix with vintage elements and futuristic ones with ceiling messages, iron and glass, wanting to provide an escape from the daily urban settings into a place of wonder.

The centerpiece is the DJ booth in a rectangular space that can host over 400 persons and it brings the most technological touches into the club. There is a large lobby giving you access to the club with a hallway toward the narrow bathrooms. The lights are of all sorts for a dazzling atmosphere and the Epic logo is visible right from the entrance.

The managing partner of Epic Society Tinu Vidaicu explained the philosophy of the club by saying that “the project was inspired by the great feeling we have when we are in nature and this is what we brought in the middle of the concrete city. Epic is nature reinvented in a space meant for entertainment.”


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