+Energy House by Architekten Stein Hemmes Wirtz

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Jan 2016 11:08 pm | Homes

The +Energy House located in Farschweiler, Germany is a residential project designed by the Architekten Stein Hemmes Wirtz practice on a sloping land which requires an unusual building line.

The site also imposed a special roof shape to the structure and aside from the geometry the materials used are contemporary ones with the exterior covered in laminated wooden panels. The façade choice makes the house eco-friendly and integrates it well with the surrounding environment since a structure made of wood isn’t as rigid as one made of concrete.

The exterior needed no glue and the materials used were sustainable ones to ensure a pollution-free construction which is up to date with the standards of ecological design. The floor to ceiling glass panels provide the natural light needed through the day while also warming the interior and the house also has a ventilation system with heat recovery making the interior always feel warm and cozy.



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