Embryo Treehouse by Antony Gibbon Designs

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Jul 2013 3:50 pm | Homes, Other

The studio of Antony Gibbon Designs creates some of the most spectacular treehouses and the Embryo is one which tries to mimic the extension of a tree trunk.

The project is a two floor tree house which imitates the organic curves found in nature, being clad in cedar shingles to make the structure blend in perfectly with its surroundings.

The name for the project was taken from the early stages of development in nature and thus the house tries to question the modern habitats and to propose a simpler and more eco-friendly way of living which doesn’t exhaust the resources of the land but rather puts the inhabitants in touch with nature.

There are several braces attaching the Embryo to the tree without interfering with the tree’s growth or damaging it. The entrance is made through a hatch door leading to the first floor and there is a spiral toward the second floor allowing maximum floor space and a sleep capacity of up to 8 persons.

Since the project is mobile there are three versions of window designs so that they provide sufficient illumination according to the area in which they are placed.



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