Elysium Playground by Cox Rayner Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Jul 2013 4:50 pm | Other

The Elysium Playground is located in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia and it consists of a play structure and several small shelters coordinating together.

The project was designed by the practice of Cox Rayner Architects as one of the two projects representing the Placemakers-Contemporary Queensland Architecture exhibition which was held at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art held in November 2008.

The playground tries to offer a good place for the recreation of the community and it features a linear design with concrete, copper and timber as the predominant materials getting the project closer to the natural environment and in closer connection with it.

The space is also a celebration of the Aboriginal Midden at the end of the structure which is the concrete element that acts as a viewing nest for surveillance. For the children the playground is designed as a challenge to stimulate their mind and their physical abilities through their explorations of the place.



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