Elegant home interior in New Delhi, India

By : Mark V | 26 Nov 2011 11:46 pm | Apartments, Interiors

Although things change.. some cultures preserve traditions and most parents in India are inclined to the idea of keeping their kids close to them, if the space allows that,of course. This apartment was built about 10 years ago and its second floor was unoccupied.

The designers started redecorating and redesigning the apartment because the owner`s son was getting married so the newly weds wanted a place to live in. The couple now enjoys 2500 sq feet of space and 3 newly designed bedrooms.  he newly weds also told the designers that they want a bit of tradition in their house so the designers added a contemporary version of” gadda” – this is a huge mattress.

The space can also function as a social gathering since the living room has a beautiful dining that has a walk-in pantry,more than fit to receive friends or family and they can all dine on the floor. The living area is separated by the rest of the rooms in the house by large screens that are made from block of black granite.

The master bathroom is adorned with onyx and beige granitalo marble and the bedroom and living have deep brown Spanish marble and teak wood. The guest suite has beautiful views of the gardens and the interior design of this space reveals a huge king sized upholstered bed that stands against a black marble ledge.


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