Elav Nest by rzlbd

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Aug 2014 6:01 pm | Apartments

Elav Nest is a minimalist apartment designed by the rzlbd architectural practice in 2014 and it is located in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada as the first home of a couple that has been fifty years together, having 11 grandchildren.

The apartment had the lounge floor collapse and thus they needed a revamping of the space, choosing a contemporary aesthetic after visiting a friend’s glass home that left a lasting impression on them due to its brightness.

The apartment was stripped to its main structural elements and its unnecessary partitions have been removed to be replaced with sliding doors so that the overall layout is open and easy flowing. There are two studios and a master bedroom with its own en-suite and walk-in closet, all of them connected by sliding doors.

The other rooms have millwork and shelves integrated to ensure easy access for Elaine and her hearing disability. The original furniture was either replaced or recycled with accent colors that integrate well with the paintings in the home.



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