El Ejido Courthouse by Andrés López Fernández

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Dec 2013 5:36 pm | Other

The El Ejido Courthouse was designed by the architect Andres Lopez Fernandez in 2011 and it is located in the town with the same name which had its population increased and this led to the need for a larger courthouse to concentrate the powers of administration of justice into a single building.

The site for the project is in an expansion area with low-storey houses and commercial spaces and the building is in an enclave formed by two merging streets offering a connection between the town and the coast. There are two blocks of varying heights and a frontal square area that acts as an open air atrium.

The aesthetic of the building tries to convey its purpose through strength and firmness to inspire trust in the administration of justice along with transparency which is accomplished through the use of porous boundary walls and partitions to create a connection with the urban surroundings.



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