EIGHT Office Complex by PEOPLE

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Jul 2015 4:52 pm | Offices

The EIGHT Office Complex was designed by the architectural practice of PEOPLE in the city of Marousi, Greece as two separate volumes that are linked through an east-west axis with the entrance at their meeting place.

The exterior features a frame of white elements which adds a bit of shading and an impacting aspect, while the interior tries to offer various arrangements that come in eights, thus explaining the name of the complex.

The offices are spread around a central two-level atrium which has a staircase and two elevators to connect with the other levels, and the third level contains a planted loft to offer energy shielding to the structure.

The building’s basement hosts the utility rooms, the engine rooms, the fire rooms, a server room, a substation space, and the backup systems and also features the parking spaces for the building.

Each level has two main workplaces separated from the main entrance and designed so as to permit independent operations to take place with their own supportive spaces. Also each level has fully autonomous operational areas so that they can function independently.



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