Ecork Hotel by Jose Carlos Cruz

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Aug 2014 8:55 pm | Hotels & Spas

Ecork Hotel is a project designed by the architect Jose Carlos Cruz in the region of Evora at a distance of one hour from Lisbon, Portugal and it features a natural brown cork façade which shelters the spa and resort complex.

The hotel provides exquisite dining facilities, a spa and gym as well as 56 private residences and outdoor amenities such as a bar and swimming pool on the roof of the project to reduce the overall footprint. There is a central courtyard linking the services and several suites surround the main structure as white volumes among the trees in the area to create a pleasant atmosphere in the region.

The cork provides a tone that integrates well into the landscape while also bringing environmental qualities to the project since it acts as a thermal and acoustic isolator for the hotel reducing the surrounding noise. There are also geothermal energy sources ensuring the heat for the main building and swimming pools, as well as photovoltaic panels to warm the water.


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