Economia Building by Ricardo Bofill

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Oct 2013 5:23 pm | Offices

The renovation of two historical industrial buildings done by the architectural practice of Ricardo Bofill in the Karlin District in Prague, Czech Republic led to the placement of the Economia publishing house in one of them.

The project was designed in 2013 and a predominantly white palette was utilized for the interior to reduce the industrial effect of the structure to a contemporary level that isn’t as intimidating as the original space.

The open floor plan and the surface of 1800 square meters offer enough space and a highly flexible interior which can eventually be expanded further with a new floor above the existing one.

The expansion is planned to happen sometime in the future and once it will be completed the area available to the publishing house will cover 5000 square meters out of which around 2000 will be hosting the administrative spaces and the conference rooms.


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