Eco-Friendly Wooden House near Moscow

By : Mark V | 30 Oct 2011 9:45 pm | Homes

This beautiful wooden house located near Moscow, Russia, was actually a gift, from children to their mother. A lot of styles combine and it is a challenge for the lovers of architecture to identify each design. The ones who accepted the project were the people from Art Hall Studio who chose elements that are part of the traditional Italian details combined them with the Victorian style and Provence style, the result being this beautiful house which is more than fit for a family gathering.

The designers also aimed for a sustainable design,the house being environment-friendly being built out of natural wood-and it is a very obvious detail-the logs inside can be easily observed. It`s a three level wooden house and this is the plan of the house: on the first level you can enjoy a sauna, a kitchen and a magnificent wine cellar while the second level hosts a dining room,a kitchen and a living room.

The last level includes several bedrooms and a study room. The house has elements of many architectural designs, but what makes it special is that it doesn`t seem crowded.


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