Eco-Friendly in Tribeca

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Aug 2013 6:37 pm | Apartments

Located in Tribeca, Manhattan, New York, the Hudson Park is a splendid apartment featuring a combination of rustic and sleek elements that offer a cozy and comfortable space.

The huge apartment offers no less than six large bedrooms, six bathrooms, a private home theatre and a washroom that has the comfort and nourishments of a spa. The first floor has a polished kitchen, dining area and lounge with an open plan that features exposed bricks and wooden beams to create a rustic and warm ambiance with additional elements such as a grand piano or color-curated tomes to finish the picture.

The master bedroom is on the third floor with the same wooden beams and a carbon-colored slate creating a relaxing atmosphere with decorative river pebbles to bring you closer to nature. The Hudson Park also offers the great setting of Tribeca that gives access to the homes of famous film stars, exquisite restaurants and great boutiques providing a large diversity and style.



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