eco-friendly apartment by Angelina Alekseeva

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Oct 2013 2:28 pm | Apartments

This eco-friendly apartment located in Belarus was designed in 2013 by the Russian architect Angelina Alekseeva with a contemporary aesthetic that adds a bit of eco-chic to create a natural and cozy interior.

The owners are a married couple and they wanted to have a home which is close to nature both in term of plants and through the materials used in the project. The loft had to be calm and relaxing without becoming dull.

The furniture which the owners wished in their apartment was the one created by Ryntovt since they are renowned for their sustainable products and the interior was designed with relaxation as the main theme.

The designer said that the biggest problem was to find a way in which the live plants could be used in the interior but in the end she managed to create a very impressive apartment with a natural palette in which the natural wood and green tones predominate.



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