Echo house by Kariouk Associates

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Dec 2014 6:19 pm | Homes

The Echo House located in Ottawa, Canada is a modern piece of architecture designed by the practice of Kariouk Associates to complete the original Victorian structure with a contemporary extension that makes the small rooms and windows more functional.

The neutral tones and geometric shape reinvent the building with a more open layout that integrates perfectly into the natural landscape. Spreading over a footprint of 700 square feet, the volume is oriented vertically with four floors and an overview of the Rideau Canal.

The small windows were replaced with extensive glazing areas and the ceiling height could thus be reduced for a more intimate ambiance in areas such as the main entrance. The living area is on the ground floor and the large expanses of wood veneered walls were created by Robert Gruber from Gruber Woodworking to add more warmth inside.

There is a basement between the living and dining areas and a cantilevered volume above it with white coating. The kitchen continues from the wooden wall and right above it is the home office which is more secluded from the rest of the home.


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