Earth House Estate by Vetsch Architektur

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Oct 2014 4:10 pm | Homes

The Earth House Estate located in Dietikon, Switzerland was designed by the practice of Vetsch Architektur to create a dream-like setting that offers an alternative to the traditional single houses, while also integrating better with the natural landscape.

The house is near an agricultural land and the houses area actually below the ground level with earth covering their roofs and a small artificial lake in their center. The entrance is integrated with the side of the settlement and is difficult to notice, with a secondary access point through the subterranean parking lot.

There are nine houses in total with spaces ranging from three to seven bedrooms and they have the living areas toward the south, while the bedrooms are to the north, leaving the bathrooms into the center to be illuminated from the rooftop windows. The basement is quite ordinary in its construction techniques, but the ground floor has sprayed concrete and recycled glass for isolation to ensure a completely eco-friendly structure.


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