[e-spres-oh] by Ezzo Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Aug 2013 4:14 pm | Offices

The [e-spres-oh] is a studio that focuses on creativity and comfort providing a relaxation space for the software developers that are employed here.

Located in Timisoara, Romania, the project was designed by the Ezzo Design studio with a warm and diverse palette. The interior is spread into three sections: a café, a lounge and the actual office but they connect with each other to create an industrial setting that seems to host something quite different from programing.

There are euro-pallets which comprise the wooden desks and there is also an industrial fan used as decoration in the conference room. The wood is the predominant material throughout, even on the ceiling, and the furniture is also made from natural materials.

The lounge area on the third level is actually an attic with various eccentric decorative elements such as a spider web-like hammock or industrial lights and kitchen graters but also offering a cozy and comfortable space which combines the vintage aesthetic with an industrial touch to create a diverse ambiance.



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