Dynamic Duplex by Pulltab Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Jul 2015 12:40 pm | Apartments

This duplex apartment is located in East Village, New York and it was renovated by the practice of Pulltab Design to host a young family of four.

The apartment spreads over 2400 square feet and the clients wanted an apartment that will feature not only new architectural additions but also a fitting addition of free standing furniture and illumination. The designers through conversations with the owners decided that a living environment with handcrafted details is what they desire.

The materials used are stained concrete, American black walnut, bronze and steel with contemporary finishes such as active patinas, true pigment paints or high gloss lacquer surfaces.

The space is centered on the living area which includes the dining area on a cantilevered pod that extends from the floor slab and which also increases the kitchen size. The other side of this is towards the living room and it features a green wall that adds a touch of nature to the space. With a variety of materials and textures this duplex offers a diverse and modern design that is highly functional and beautiful.



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