Dubai 2020 World Expo site by HOK

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Dec 2013 8:29 pm | Other

Dubai is the first city in the Middle East that was selected to host the World Expo in 2020 and the HOK architectural practice designed a proposal for the site with a futuristic design that integrates the heritage of the Emirates with innovative new elements.

The designers collaborated with the Populous and Arup studios to create the project which is comprised of three pavilions that symbolize opportunity, sustainability and mobility, being linked through a large plaza in the center.

The development is inspired from the Arabic souks to stimulate interaction between the visitors and along the 1082 acres of the site there are small exhibition spaces in the center and larger pavilions on the rest of the perimeter for the museum of the future.

The project incorporates photovoltaic panels on the façade of the building to provide at least half of the energy required and greywater recycling is also utilized along with the reuse of discarded materials.



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