Dropbox San Francisco Office Headquarters by Boor Bridges Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Dec 2013 8:51 pm | Offices

The new Dropbox China Basin Office Headquarters in San Francisco was designed by the practice of Boor Bridges Architecture in collaboration with Geremia Interior Design offering a dynamic newsroom that gives shape to the young company’s identity with an open office space.

The project spreads over 70000 square feet and the modular furnishings inside maximize its functionality while the implementation of vegetation into the design adds a natural tone and a relaxing ambiance.

According to the designers, their project wants to show that each space deserves attention and real materials. The building core provides abundant natural light throughout the space and opens views to the whole office space and into the lounge areas as well, where the employees can relax and have informal conversations.

The space is open and organized to be functional and dynamic with team groupings and open workstations along the glazed rectangular perimeter and alternated with shared workrooms, interview spaces and the lounges.



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