DROP XL modules by In-tenta

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Apr 2014 7:14 pm | Other

DROP XL are modules designed by the In-tenta studio in Barcelona and they are a part of the modular micro-architecture trend so that they can be easily transported and placed in various places, making them ideal for Eco-tourism.

The modules are created with sustainable features and they offer a different housing solution for the travelers that want to try something different from the typical hotels while also having access to the same comfort and quality of design.

The DROP XL can be used as hotel rooms, or even as pop-up pods for larger events and they are manufactured off site. The modules spread over a surface of 30 square meters and they can be transported by truck.

The materials used to create them are wood, steel and glass and each unit was created to have a minimal impact on its surrounding environment being elevated above the ground due to its steel legs and offering a view through the large bubble windows at both its ends.




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