Drieburcht Sports Complex by VenhoevenCS architecture + urbanism

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 May 2014 5:54 pm | Sport Arenas

The Drieburcht Sports Complex designed by the practice of VenhoevenCS architecture + urbanism is located on the Wagner Square in the Tilburg-North development plan, The Netherlands, and it is an attempt to improve the aesthetic of the neighborhood while also offering extra activities to the public.

There are several different facilities in the complex and it was designed as an ideal miniature city with informal spaces which try to bring people together to relax and enjoy themselves. The activities inside take the form of an urban theater with the visitors coming initially for swimming or fitness training and then they return for the lively ambiance.

There is something for everyone inside with the lines of sight connecting the smaller spaces with the rest of the complex so that you can rest comfortably on the café terraces and enjoy the atmosphere throughout. The façade of the building was created with the aid of the artist Jean-Luc Moerman to accentuate the volumes and add a dynamic element to the exterior.



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