Dragspelhuset by 24H-architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Jun 2015 5:24 pm | Homes

The Dragspelhuset is an extension to the original cabin that dated from the late 1800s sitting on the shore of the Ovre Gla Lake in the reserve of Glaskogen, Sweden and it is a project created by 24H-architecture built in 2004.

Due to the building regulations building is not allowed near the shore but this building was already there so this was an exception. The architecture firm created an extension that is able to adjust according to the climate surrounding it and the number of inhabitants, spreading during the summer through the windows of the cabin head which can open and even more, the cantilever of the mobile part spreads directly above the stream. During the winter it can pull back like a cocoon and return to its original shape.

Sustainability was also an issue and the cooking is done by propane gas, while the heating uses wood in the stove and the lavatory is a hut. The hot tub is fueled from the stream and a wood stove under the water provides the heating while solar panels provide the illumination.

The shape of the house also blends in the surrounding with its irregular and organic shape and the texture of the red cedar wood which the designers compared to that of a lizard. On the interior, the finishing is made with pine lattice and the walls are covered in reindeer hides to provide extra insulation and a rustic ambiance.



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