The Dragonfly by Vincent Callebaut

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 May 2014 1:38 pm | Other

The highly original and impressive Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut, who also designed the Flavors Orchard and the Asian Cairns, proposes an impressive urban farm concept for the Roosevelt Island in New York City which is modeled after the wings of a dragonfly and intends to ease the problems of food mileage and storage by improving the connection between consumers and producers.

The project is located in a very crowded area and thus the design spans on the vertical with a height of 600 meters and 132 floors to offer capabilities of accommodating 28 different agricultural fields which can produce fruits, vegetables, grains, meat and dairy.

The farm is completely autonomous due to the employment of solar and wind power sources with the spaces between the wings taking advantage of the sunlight and accumulating warm air in the exo-structure during the winter. The plant and animal farming is arranged so as to maintain appropriate soil nutrient levels and to reuse biowaste and during the summer natural ventilation is ensured.



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