Downley House by BPR Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Dec 2015 9:51 pm | Homes

The Downley House is a country house in the South Downs, Petersfield, England that was designed by the practice of BPR Architects with an exterior that integrates very well with the surrounding landscape.

The clients wanted to have a quiet but joyous place to live with a lot of contrasts and connected to the nature around them through the indigenous materials and textures. The entrance features a circular stone court that leads to a pergola in the inner court which is bound by a wall and then continues to a roof terrace.

There is a family wing and a guest wing inside and they are linked by a barrel vaulted dining hall on the ruin entrance. This vaulted hall gives access to each end of the courtyard providing natural light inside. The dining hall has the shape of a wine barrel and it contains a circular stair that brings you to the roof terrace.

The materials used in the construction are timber elements which were prefabricated in Switzerland, cross-laminated timber panels; CLT timber shell and glue lam ribs creating a sustainable and energy efficient house.



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