Donny’s Bar by Luchetti Krelle

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Apr 2014 6:15 pm | Restaurants & Bars

Donny’s Bar was designed by the Luchetti Krelle in Sydney to look like a New York loft, although the project is located in the northern beachside suburb of Manly, Sydney, Australia.

The project combines a rustic and industrial atmosphere which was created with reclaimed timber boards and mesh fences. The lights are dim and the bar also serves food, incorporating some Asian elements that want to make the place reminiscent of “a back alley in Chinatown”, as the designers described it.

Serving several Asian dishes such as tapas and dumplings, the designers didn’t want to create a space that would look to obviously Asian in its theme so they preferred a more raw aesthetic with recycled materials and a dark atmosphere.

The flooring is made of concrete and the bricks were left exposed, while the counter of the bar is made of polished copper making it the central element. The base of the counter is made of recycled timber boards and stone with lightning between the spaces to make it stand out.



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