Doctor Manzana shop by Masquespacio

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Dec 2013 1:20 pm | Stores / Showrooms

Doctor Manzana is a smartphone and tablet repair shop in Valencia, Spain and it was designed by the Masquespacio studio with hospital colors for the façade, interior and branding.

Spreading over 40 square meters, the shop employs four main tones throughout and they are also present on the brand’s product packaging. Turquoise and blue create an ambiance similar to that of a hospital and this is very suitable since the name of the brand is Doctor Manzana.

The hospital reference is expressed in the blue and green choice of colors, while the salmon tone is used to attract attention from fashionistas and the purple for the tech freaks as the designers explain. The products are displayed on diagonal panels that are placed over corrugated steel sheets on the walls which were chosen to cover the walls since it was a cheaper solution than the restoration of the original walls.

The boxes and packets for phone cases continue the same diagonal motif and the exterior stonework is painted in a bright green to attract attention.



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