Diyar Media Studio by ReNa Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Feb 2015 7:33 pm | Stores / Showrooms

The Diyar Media Studio located in Teheran, Iran, was created by the ReNa Design company in 2013 as a venue for Iranian artists that brings together traditional ornaments as well as contemporary dynamic shapes that bring elegance and fluidity to the interior.

The apparently simple space is in fact very complex from a geometrical point of view, so it is exciting for the visitors, having elements derived from traditional architectural masterpieces that were brought up to date with the aid of technology.

The functionality was most important but each spot was given extreme attention to details with pieces such as the air conditioner outlets being designed to continue the algorithm of the larger patterns. The illumination is also complex since it needed to emphasize some of the areas and create a feeling of coziness.

The walls have parametric patterns made of different sized EPS and XPS panels and assembled on site. The seats, desks and additional furniture pieces were designed to work well with the interior and their translucency improved the balance of the ambiance.


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