Discovery Centre by Smith Vigeant Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Oct 2014 9:04 pm | Other

The Discovery Center is a project located in the heart of nature with the Mont-Tremblant National Park surrounding it and it was designed by the practice of Smith Vigeant Architects to provide a breathtaking overview of the Lake Monroe and the nearby hills and mountains.

The project is in Quebec, Canada and has a layout with three main areas, namely an amphitheater, a service space and a discovery zone all of them under a large canopy shelter and a rustic wood band. The main material choice was obvious due to the location of the project and the wood ensured a better integration with the environment.

Several species of wood were chosen to decorate the façade as well as the interior and they bring a warm palette to the structure that is also highly durable. The center was designed to respect the bioclimatic principles of the site and the extensive use of glass surfaces maintains a constant visual connection between the outdoors and the interior.

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