Dim Sum Bar by Hou de Sousa

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Oct 2013 2:49 pm | Restaurants & Bars

We have previously seen another restaurant designed by the Hou de Sousa architectural practice the Happy Panda and this time we will take a look at the Dim Sum Bar located in Quito, Ecuador. The designers created a very elegant space that combines the classical and contemporary aesthetics resulting in a splendid restaurant.

The client previously bought a set of tables and chairs for the space, with white leather cushions and a dark wooden frame, so the designers has to work with those and they were the beginning of the color palette which would dominate the interior.

The site was irregular in shape and proportion so the mysterious illumination and surfaces tried to improve the conditions. The space is divided by a privacy screen similar to the traditional Chinese doors and the perforations in the linings spell out the name of the restaurant from certain angles. Another key piece of the restaurant is the bottle vitrine which displays wine bottles on a single layer with a mirror reflecting them to create an impressive effect.



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