Dhara Wellness Centre by Alberto Apostoli

By : Mark V | 12 Oct 2011 10:14 pm | Hotels & Spas, Interiors

This new wonderful wellness centre was opened in Italy, on the Venetian Side of Lake Garda. The designers from Studio Alberto Apostoli developed the project. The building is located within Belfiore Park Hotel. Because of what it represents and because of what it brings to its clients, the wellness centre was named Dhara. This creates an ayurvedic atmosphere. In Sanskrit ,Ayurveda means the “knowledge of life”.

Bamboo canes adorn the floor that leads to the Spa. The socializing room has a relaxing atmosphere because neutral tones were used here not to distract people from their conversation, but to calm them down. This is a touch of modern design. Within the structure there lies an olive tree-that symbolizes life.

The concept of the building is split into two. On the one hand there are the classical elements, pointed out by the spaces, forms, lights and colours used in the process of creating the spa. On the other hand there is a touch of natural elements-local materials were used, a natural spring was discovered during excavations and constructions, the olive tree within the structure.

With all these elements under the same roof, the Spa is a place of relaxation and privacy.


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