Denver Union Station by SOM

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 May 2014 8:02 pm | Other

The historic Union Station in Denver, Colorado is a Beaux Arts project which is located on the edge of the central business district of the city and it was expanded by the SOM architectural practice so that it would become a major regional transportation hub.

20 acres of the former rail yards were converted into an urban transit district which directs light rail, commuter and intercity rail, as well as bicycles, bus routes and pedestrian pathways. The central point in this new project is the open air Train Hall which shelters multiple railway tracks and is comprised of 11 steel trusses spanning over 180 feet with PTFE tensioned fabric cladding.

The canopy 70 feet above the ground protects the passenger platforms underneath and it leaves a view corridor toward the historic station. The underground hosts the 22 gate Union Station Bus Concourse services with 16 regional, express and local bus routes. The redevelopment makes the Denver Union Station one of the largest in the country and the economists estimate that the project has already triggered over a billion dollars in private mixed use investments on the surrounding property.



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