Dental Angels by YLAB Arquitectos

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Jul 2014 7:20 pm | Offices

Dental Angels is a dental service office located in the Ensanche neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain and it was designed by the YLAB Arquitectos practice to define the brand image through the small space on the street level.

The owner is a young doctor and he wanted to reflect the comfort and charm of the name Dental Angels into the narrow space with contemporary functionality and bright colors to evoke professionalism as well as cleanliness.

The bright interior reduces the feeling of being in a narrow area and the distribution of programs was thought of to ensure a continuous space which would increase the dynamism and efficiency of the office.

Gold and light blue tones complete the white ambiance with RGB linear indirect illumination from LEDs and the finishes area white satin lacquer, laminated panels for the furniture and light linoleum for the pavement to bring warmth into the ethereal interior.



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