Dear Jingumae Project by Amano Design Office

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Oct 2014 6:45 pm | Other

The Dear Jingumae Project is a conversion of a 25 year old office building on a back street of the Shibuya special ward of Tokyo, Japan and it was created in 2014 by the Amano Design Office to facilitate the commercial functions of the building.

The project has a façade that makes it stand out from the nearby buildings as a way of branding to attract future tenants and the decorative frame structure was removed to leave the primary shape exposed. Metallic louvers have been placed with the aid of a computer to give the impression of soft clothing and the misaligned radii of the louvers create a complex dynamic to the exterior.

The louvers were welded to cross SUS plates and they protrude from the building through the SUS pipes, adding variety and originality to the somewhat dull street. The designers were informed that the project had a significant rate of return and the façade was the element that made the structure a complete success.


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