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By : Dennis Franklin | 11 May 2016 5:17 am | Offices

The international IT firm of Daum relocated to the Jeju Province, an autonomous island off the southern Korean coast, and thus they made the first step towards the construction of an independent work community similar to the Silicon Valley of the 70’s. This also removes the need for the usual vertical working space that can be found in the city since the conditions here permit any geometry and they chose a horizontal working organization.

The plan is to gradually relocate the operations of Daum to the new IT complex that covers over one million square meters of undeveloped land. The complex will be built progressively with an organically growing master plan that will offer a homogenous field of low-rise office blocks along with a lot of parking lots. Each building will have 5 floors at most and will try to take advantage of the uniform slope to promote the efficient movement across the site and increase its efficiency and unity.

The first building on the site tried to provide a prototype for the ones that are incoming, and it consists of five structural modules of 8.4 by 8.4 meters that combine either horizontally or vertically. These became the basic formal structures that could form vaulted or cantilevered spaces that provided a way for the entire campus’ organic growth.



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