Darius Milhaud Conservatory by Kengo Kuma

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Jul 2014 9:20 am | Education, Other

The Darius Milhaud Conservatory was designed by the Kengo Kuma architectural practice with folded aluminum panels to create pleats across the exterior walls of the concert hall located in Aix en Provence to the south of France.

The city hosts one of the oldest dance and music conservatories in the country, established in 1849, and it received a new facility spreading over a surface of 7000 square meters which hosts the teaching facilities along with an auditorium with 500 seats.

The aluminum façade brings the new buildings together, distracting the view from the elevation differences in the site and it also creates a contrast of light and shadow. The raised elements act as louvers in some areas to protect from direct sunlight and the folds want to hint at different concepts ranging from the canvasses of Paul Cezanne to the compositions of Darius Milhaud or to the origami shapes.



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