Daocheng Yading Airport by GUD Group

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Feb 2015 9:25 am | Airports

The Daocheng Yading Airport is the highest-altitude civilian airport in the world at three miles above sea level and the placement of the project allows significant cuts in travel time to the remote region of Sichuan, China.

Created by the GUD Group in 2013, the airport is on one of the largest ancient glaciers of Tibet Plateau and it incorporates flight terminals, an air traffic control building, a fire control center, storage warehouse for the cargo, a gas station and plenty more.

The unique landscape and rich local heritage allowed a complex and interesting design that takes its inspiration from the Tibetan ceremonial scarf called the Khata. The buildings containing the amenities have a dynamic shape that follows the site lines and merge into the Haizi hill to symbolize the traditional architecture of Tibet and at the same time adjust to the high altitude climate.

The top of the amenity buildings is covered by a “flying disk” that stands out as the characteristic element for the whole project and it brings a contrasting size to the structures.


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