Dani Ridge House by Carver + Schicketanz

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 Oct 2015 6:45 pm | Homes

The Dani Ridge House was designed by the architectural practice of Carver + Schicketanz and it is located in Big Sur, California, USA in an area which offers privacy, is in the middle of nature and also has a splendid view of the ocean.

The innovative design tries to blend in with its surroundings as much as possible through the materials used, namely stone, and wood and glass, and also through the concealment of the entire house into the hill. This idea also keeps the temperature in the interior lower thus reducing the energy cost.

Looking from the uphill area, the house is almost invisible due to the way the project cuts into the grassland and the green roof of the underground areas further extends toward the curved roof of the living room providing a perfect symbiosis with the environment.

The utilities of the project are all placed underground in order to maintain the natural aspect as much as possible and a 5000 gallon water storage tank is also housed there to improve the sustainability of the house.



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